Quang Tri used to be a fierce battle field and mostly devastated during the war time. Almost forty years after the war ended and twenty years of renovation, the provincial socio-economy has grown and developed notably...

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The objective of the project is to set up an annual mines action operations planning process and to integrate into the provincial socioeconomic development planning process...


Upgrading the capacity of mine action coordination of Quang Tri Province in the cooperation of implementing mine action programs in Quang Tri with the collaboration of Provincial Military Command and relevant departments and agencies...



Establishing Quang Tri Mine Action Center


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In general

Gio Linh is located on the geographical coordinates from 1609' to 170 north latitude and 106052' to 107010' east longitude, being limited by administrative boundaries as follows: Vinh Linh as north border; Trieu Phong, Cam Lo and Dong Ha City as southern borders, Cam Lo, Dakrong and Huong Hoa on the west. The natural area is 47.289,56ha wide.

As a semi-mountainous terrain which is tilted from west to east, west is mountainous part with the area of 31773.75 ha (67.18%), the middle land is plain with area of 12631.01 ha (26.7 %) and the East is covered by sand and coastal dunes with 2.893,8ha area (6.12%).

During the Vietnam War, Gio Linh and Con Tien (Gio Son commune) - Doc Mieu (Gio Phong) are two ends of the MacNamara electronic fence, so often being mentioned together when it comes to the war in Vietnam. Doc Mieu which is the first base of the US ,also the closest to the demilitarized zone, is considered the "magic eye" of the McNamara fence . After 1954, the South government and the US turned Doc Mieu into a largest fortification of Gio Linh. Doc Mieu became a vital military base regarding artilleryman to hit the targets of North Vietnam.

Today, when passing Doc Mieu, we can see the green hills of rubber, tea, pepper. Tranquility have returned after the long years of wars.


Statistic after survey , clearance and risk education activities


Mine accidents and victims information in Gio Linh District

The given statistics is updated up to May, 2022 by Quang Tri QTMAC-DBU


Gio Linh District

Total Area: 472,8956 km2 (47.289,56 ha)
Population: 73.702  (năm 2003)
Administrative Divisions:
  • 2 townships Gio Linh, Cửa Việt
  • 19 communes: Gio An, Gio Bình, Gio Châu, Gio Hải, Gio Hòa, Gio Mai, Gio Mỹ, Gio Phong, Gio Quang, Gio Sơn, Gio Thành, Gio Việt, Hải Thái, Linh Hải, Linh Thượng, Trung Giang, Trung Hải, Trung Sơn, Vĩnh Trường.
Map of Gio Linh, Quang Tri, Vietnam

Location of Gio Linh district in Vietnam

Activity Pictures of Neutralizing the Effect of ERW