Quang Tri used to be a fierce battle field and mostly devastated during the war time. Almost forty years after the war ended and twenty years of renovation, the provincial socio-economy has grown and developed notably...

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The objective of the project is to set up an annual mines action operations planning process and to integrate into the provincial socioeconomic development planning process...


Upgrading the capacity of mine action coordination of Quang Tri Province in the cooperation of implementing mine action programs in Quang Tri with the collaboration of Provincial Military Command and relevant departments and agencies...



Establishing Quang Tri Mine Action Center


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In general

Thành phố Đông Hà

Hai Lang district is the southernmost of the province, which is 20 kilometers away from of Dong Ha city to the north and 40 kilometers away from the city of Hue, Thua Thien - Hue to the south, East side is neiborghing to the east china sea ; bordered by Dakrong on the west and Thua Thien Hue province on the south; the north side is adjoining Quang Tri town and Trieu Phong district .

Hai Lang has 19 communes and 01 towns with a total natural area of 42692.53 hectares . Its population is 86,223 people (among which the urban population was 2,865 people, the rural ones is 83 360 people). Being a land splitted by specific and complex terrain, including mountains, plains and coastal areas; wrapped and enriched by two great rivers which are mentioned on pages of historical poetry, that is the O Lau – the poetic river and Vinh Dinh picturesque winding river , as the vascular energy and motivation to develop for Hai Lang resident and land

During the Viet Nam war, Hai Lang is one of the cutthroat battle. Over 20 years of construction and development, Hai Lang has achieved significant results in many areas, which has contributed to the existing change of the town’s image.


Statistic after survey , clearance and risk education activities


Mine accidents and victims information in Hai Lang District

The given statistics is updated up to Nov, 2021 by Quang Tri QTMAC-DBU


Hải Lăng District

Total Area: 426,93 km2 (42.693 ha)
Population: 86.223 (in 2011)
Denisity:  202 people/km2 (in 2011)
Map of Hai Lang, Quang Tri, Vietnam

Location of Hai Lang in Vietnam

Activity Pictures of Neutralizing the Effect of ERW